Good podcasts are those that are not only enjoyable but also where I learn something new that I can apply to my teaching. I do a lot of driving during the school year between student-teacher observations and just my weekly commute. Podcasts have made this experience a lot more enjoyable. I don’t miss an episode from Katie Wardrobe at Midnight music. I highly recommend her show if you work with music education and technology. Here is a link to her podcast called, Music tech teacher podcast.     I also recommend this exhaustive list of music education podcasts from Evan Tobias.   Happy listening!


Video Play Alongs!

On our Study Abroad trip this summer, my students and I  participated in a Musical Futures Workshop where we were introduced to “Just Play” a great program that teaches students foundational instrumental skills in order to be a part of a whole class ensemble. One of the tools used in the workshop was an instrumental play-along video.  We really enjoyed this tool as it was an easy and enjoyable way to immediately enter into music making. Since I have returned to the States I have investigated play-alongs for the ukulele. Dr. Jill Reese has a wonderful YouTube channel with many ukulele play-alongs that I have been using in my secondary methods classes this Fall. I have been inspired by Dr. Reese’s channel and I have created some of my own play-alongs for both keyboard and ukulele. Here is one of my play-alongs for keyboard. Enjoy!