Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo

The workshop at UNASP was a fantastic closing workshop! This is the University of several other exchange students, Jéssica and Rennen. The workshops began in the beautiful chapel where Dr. Moorman-Stahlman gave an organ master class and the girls performed many handbell pieces. The afternoon I presented boomwhackers and bucket drums but we also started off with a crowd favorite, “Two by Two” No matter where we went everyone caught onto the English words to this song rather easily and it was a lot of fun watching all ages from children to college students creating motions.


The students in this workshop embraced everything that we taught them and they were so talented. At the very end of the workshop, they worked together on a group percussion piece and it was indeed the highlight of the day for me! The images and video below share some additional highlights and a little glimpse of this gorgeous chapel.


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